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UV 190 Micron Greenhouse Polyethylene Film 6 Mil Plastic Roll Cover Factory

Greenhouse film is made of the LDPE raw materail. It can increse the light transmittance, supply enough light for photosynthesis and inhibit insect activity.
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150 Micron-250 Micron UV Clear Polyethylene Greenhouse Plastic Sheeting Film Suppliers

greenhouse film

Product Description

White Greenhouse Film:
white greenhouse film is used to diffuse light.  If you are looking to spread out sunlight and reduce direct sun exposure, pure white or 55% white may be a great choice for you.  We offer pure white for those who want to reduce direct sunlight.  We also have some select 55% white that will be a bit brighter than the standard white.  White grow house film helps to keep a consistent temperature by reducing hot spots and cold spots typically found in clear nursery greenhouses.  With Farm Plastic Supply white film, it is either pure white or 55% white.  Both are great quality products.

White/Black 3 Ply High Tensile Blackout film:
triple layer film for high tensile strength,Water tight,100% light deprivation,100% Blackout,UV Protection,Virgin Resins,Superior puncture and tear resistance

LDPE Greenhouse Film
120/150g, Other weight customizable
150-250 micron or customer requirement
1--25m or customer requirement
50m,100m or customer requirement
transparent greenhouse woven film
Tensile strength and resistance to pressure, wind waterproof, sun-resistant, anti-aging, anti-freeze and also can be Uv treated high-quality films
1000 square meter in store, 1 ton customized
20ft container
Payment of terms


1.Fabric greenhouse film is made of 100% virgin PE with UV,it anti aging and has a long durable life span.
2.Woven greenhouse film excellent tear resistance, high tensile strength, can resist storm wind rain and hail,good toughness and durability.
3.Impermeable water stop membrane protect the crops&vegetables&flowers&fruits and various other plantations from non-required weather conditions,helps good harvest.
4.Poly weave film allows more than  80% light transmission.
5. Light weight and easy to install.

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UV 190 Micron Greenhouse Polyethylene Film 6 Mil Plastic Roll Cover Factory
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