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UV 190 Micron Greenhouse Polyethylene Film 6 Mil Plastic Roll Cover Factory
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UV 190 Micron Greenhouse Polyethylene Film 6 Mil Plastic Roll Cover Factory

Greenhouse film is made of the LDPE raw materail. It can increse the light transmittance, supply enough light for photosynthesis and inhibit insect activity.
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150 Micron-250 Micron UV Clear Polyethylene Greenhouse Plastic Sheeting Film Suppliers

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Product Description

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Benefits and Features

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Our polyethylene greenhouse film with its 150micron-250micron commercial grade thickness, is the ideal cover sheet to use for greenhouses and gardens. Simplified, hassle free poly installation is guaranteed, as it unfolds and unrolls into a wide, pliable cover.

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You can cover the plant covers for freeze over your the plants loosely directly and then secure the plant frost blanket with soil, stones or staples. You can also support the floating row covers with a hoop, make enough room for plants to breath and grow. You could also cut the plant covers into different sizes for different purposes.

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The greenhouse film is made of premium polyethylene can protect your plant from various weather, such as heavy rain, sta heat, cold winter for long time

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Our greenhouse film not only can provides UV freeze frost protection, but also useful in the winter to block the wind and keep the windows from freezing

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Great tool for germination and rapid seedling growth.High Quality fabric is UV resistant stabilized and reusable, light weight and soft fabric are friendly to plant and allow air and moisture to reach your plants.

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production process

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Factory display

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