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  • Advantages of Artificial Grass Wall


    What is the role of the widely used artificial grass wall? Read More

  • Common Specifications of Insect Net


    Take you to understand the specifications of commonly used greenhouse insect nets. Read More

  • Application of Garden Weed Mat


    Horticultural land is widely used in the field of horticulture Read More

  • The Benefits of Summer Shade Net


    Shade nets protect crops from UV rays Read More

  • Artificial Privacy Fence Screen


    Don't have grass wall in your yard yet? Read More

  • Batch planting partner - seedling tray


    Seedling trays are indispensable tools in agriculture. Read More

  • Trellis Net For Climbing Vegetables


    Improve crop yields with plant support netting. Read More

  • Maintenance Method of Tarpaulin


    Precautions for using tarpaulins Read More

  • The Role Of The New Bale Net


    Using straw baling nets can protect the environment. Read More

  • Safety Net Protection Measures


    Construction safety nets for working at heights Read More

  • Christmas Discounts are Here !!!


    Don't miss the Christmas promotions! Read More

  • Tips for Seedling Trays


    Do you know the important tools for raising seedlings? Read More

  • Application of Horticultural Weed Mat


    There are three main application methods for ground cover Read More

  • Would You Really Choose A Shade Net?


    Different shading rates will affect the growth of crops Read More

  • How to Choose A High-quality Insect Net


    Do you know these characteristics of the insect net? Read More

  • What is Anti Hail Net?


    Anti-hail Nets are used in various horticultural farms Read More

  • Waiting For You


    CANTON FAIR2.23th-27th,April,2023, Waiting For You! Read More

  • How to Choose Anti-bird Net?


    How to choose the anti-bird net that suits you Read More

  • Exciting news!


    Hefei Grand Nets will be exhibiting cantonfair Read More

  • Take You to Know Olive Net


    The olive net is used to collect the naturally fallen fruit, the net is laid under the tree,or you can hang the net on the tree to reduce the damage of the fruit, it will remain until the end of the harvest. It can also be used to collect hazelnuts, chestnuts and plums, ect... It is placed between the fruit trees when harvested by machine; The strong nature of this mesh reduces the likelihood that the fruit will be scratched by the stalks or rough ground. Read More

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