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White/blue/red 100gsm ground cover for gardens
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White/blue/red 100gsm ground cover for gardens

High quality 100gsm grass seed for drought tolerant
  • GC-WBR100


White/Blue/Red 100gsm Ground Cover for Gardens Exporter

It is easy to install a weed mat by without assistance, but an assistant can make the job faster and more accurate. Before installing the weed mat, remove all the existing weeds in the area. Try to remove all the weeds from the root, so that they will not crop up again. 


You will also need landscaping staples, or stakes to affix the weed mat in place. Before laying the weed mat, make sure you accommodate the existing plants in the flower bed. To do so, start at a corner of the flower bed and pull the weed mat tight over the coverage area.


Cut the weed mat around a plant, making sure you are not covering the roots of the plant. Over other parts of the flower bed, allow an overlap of an inch or more, so that you don’t have open spots that can allow weeds to come up. Stake the borders firmly. 


Cover the sides of the flower bed properly to avoid weed growth at the borders. Stake or staple the weed mat at all the borders, at intervals of a foot or less. Cover the weed mat with a layer of mulch, which will keep it in place, and also minimize exposure to sunlight, thereby making it last longer.


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