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Use of Construction Safety Net
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Use of Construction Safety Net

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Use of Construction Safety Net

We should make full use of flexible materials easy to spread and high impact resistance, and safety protection at the end of the project, in addition, we should also pay attention to the safety net inspection, especially the government departments must do a good job of the corresponding inspection measures, the following we understand the safety net related matters.

1. Make full use of flexible materials for easy spreading and high impact resistance. Through systematic development and a large number of field tests, a systematic technology for various types of slope geological hazard protection has been formed, and a stereotyped balanced design has realized the standardization and optimization of system products, which is convenient for engineering quality control and accurate measurement of Engineering quantity.

construction safety net

2. Construction safety net protection at the end of the project. After the main body is capped, it begins to enter the stage of interior and exterior decoration. Due to many factors of construction process, all kinds of protective facilities are likely to be removed or moved, and the risk of falling accidents will be reduced.

3. We must pay attention to and strengthen the following aspects: external frame demolition personnel must use personal protective equipment correctly. In view of the above situation, Sugrand suggests that the first is to strengthen the investigation and handling of enterprises without certificates, and strengthen the supervision of enterprises with certificates. Second, the producer as the first gateway of building safety net, third, the use of the unit must be good, incomplete procedures of the product, the quality of the product is not guaranteed can never enter the use of the site. Fourthly, the relevant responsible units should be jointly managed, and the administrative departments of industry and commerce should intensify the investigation and punishment of unlicensed production enterprises and underground black factories.

With regard to the use of safety nets, we know how to deal with them better.

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