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Six needles black tape tape shade net

70 GSM tape tape black shade net use for greenhouse/balcony
  • SN-TT6-BL70

Six Needles Black Tape Tape Shade Net

• Exceptionally Sturdy – The agro shade nets that we offer are produced with tested raw materials. These are compressed chemically to generate construction that is robust yet flexible.

 As a result, our nets are adaptable to changes but still are exceedingly strong.

• Minimize all kinds of External Damages – Our nets provide unmatched protection to spaces and plants from all sorts of exterior damages. From birds to rains, pests to the UV rays, wind to storms.

The nets ensure to protect plantations from each and every element that can damage them.

• High performing in summers and winters – The high-performance level of these nets remain undisturbed both during winters and summers. They safeguard spaces from heavy rainfall and the sunshine. 

Not only during summers, but even during winters the net keeps the internal temperature warm, dry, and adequate for proper crop growth.

• Eco-Friendly – We certify that netting solutions offered by us for agricultural spaces are 100% eco-friendly. They are suitable for greenhouse applications and do not damage plantations if installed adequately.

• International Quality – We assure to deliver products as in compliance with international standards.

 For this purpose, we focus on manufacturing products with the utilization of finest quality materials that are aided by modern technologies and techniques.

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Six needles black tape tape shade net
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