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Wholesale Greenhouse Or Garden Green Sun Shade Netting For Sale Factory
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Wholesale Greenhouse Or Garden Green Sun Shade Netting For Sale Factory

Shade Net offer protection from the sun's rays and protect crops from the wind, used in horticulture, greenhouses and floriculture, flower-growing and fruit-growing, building scaffold, livestock, play areas, fence, windbreak and packaging applications.etc
Weight:70gsm,80gsm,90gsm or 100gsm,125gsm,140gsm, or customized
Color:dark green,beige,ivory,grey,blue,yellow,black or as request
  • SN-MT6-DGBL140


Wholesale Greenhouse Or Garden Green Sun Shade Netting For Sale Factory

virgin shade netting

Shade net is also named shading net, sunshade net, green PE Net,Garden net and so on. Shade Net is made of polyethylene (HDPE) material by adding UV stabilizers and anti-oxidants. HDPE sunshade net has the characteristics of lightweight, high-strength, anti-aging, large-area coverage and it has the ability to adjust control environment, optimizing climate and improve plants in the growth of adverse climate conditions. Shade Net is mostly used in agriculture as ventilate shade net for greenhouse, offering the features of light reflection and transmission, breath freely, long usage life and stable performance. 

shade net

Professional sunshade

High-quality material

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Complete specifications, support customizationwholesale shade netting

Product Name
Agricultural Greenhouse Sun Shade Net
dark green,beige,ivory,grey,blue,yellow,black or as request
100% virgin HDPE
70gsm,80gsm,90gsm or 100gsm,125gsm,140gsm,160gsm180gsm or customized
1m ,1.2m,1.5m wide , 10m,25m,50m,100m or as your required
Shade rate
80%-95% as request
UV protection
Wear-resisting , Corrosion-resisting , Fine toughness,durable and anti-dust,windproof
Roll packing with plastic bag(roll diameter:20cm-40cm)
20GP : 5000kgs; 40HQ: 14000kgs
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Payment Terms


sunshade net


What materials are used for shade nets?

The shade net is made of polyethylene (HDPE), high-density polyethylene, PE, PB, PVC, recycled materials, new materials, polyethylene propylene, etc. as raw materials, and is treated with UV stabilizers and antioxidants.

What are the categories of shade nets based on the process?

Shade nets can be divided into Monoflament shade nets, Tapeflament shade nets, and Mono-Tape shade nets according to the process.

How to choose high quality shade net?

1. The mesh surface is flat and smooth, the flat wires and gaps are parallel, neat and uniform, and the warp and weft are clear.

2. It has a textured and bright feeling, deep black and bright, rather than a superficial and bright feeling.

3. It is moderately flexible and elastic, without a sense of stiffness, and has a flat and thick texture.

4. Regular fixed-length packaging, with clear indications of shading rate, specifications and dimensions.

5. There is no peculiar smell or odor, only a faint burnt smell of plastic.

What are the advantages of shade nets?

Shade nets have the unique advantages of shading and heat insulation in summer, cold insulation and heat preservation in winter, and warmth in winter and summer

Shade Netting have the characteristics of strong tensile strength, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, radiation resistance, and light weight.


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Sugrand is a leading manufacturer of agricultural and construction plastic nets in China. sugrand has advanced technology and intellectual property. sugrand agricultural plastic nets account for more than 20% of the global market.

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