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Greenhouse Shade Net Can Control Humidity and Temperature
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Greenhouse Shade Net Can Control Humidity and Temperature

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It's very important for all growers that they need to ensure the greenhouse with the relative humidity (RH) and temperature. The Israeli Agricultural Research Center to seek a solution which is greenhouse shade net.

Shade Net provides advanced solutions to overcome the high RH issue. High humidity inside greenhouses often triggers fungus and bacteria-based plant diseases, which can spread rapidly and damage yields. The indoor air while working in a closed greenhouse, and the isolation of the greenhouse from the outside environment helps maximize energy use and climate control effectiveness. 

It can help growers control the RH and temperature either together or separately, and enjoy the welcome benefit of substantial energy savings. The unique air distribution model provides homogenous climate conditions hroughout the facilities that help the grower control and improve yields.  

To control humidity and temperature, the growers not only need to shade net but also need the DryGai, which is a new technology aimed at greenhouse dehumidification.

The system draws in air from the greenhouse, condenses the moisture out of it and then releases the dry air through openings at the top of the machine. The SUGRAND condensed water is recycled as distilled water and may be used for irrigation. 

The basic unit can draw 22,000 cubic meters of air per hour, from which it condenses about 45 liters of water per hour at a temperature of 18oC and an RH of 80%. DryGair conserves energy by operating within a closed greenhouse: the indoor energy remains inside, as opposed to ventilation systems which lose heat to the outdoor environment.

As mentioned, the basic DryGair system produces 45 liters of water per hour and operates at temperatures of 10 to 25 degrees. In addition to the basic unit, there are units built for working in different climate zones such as tropical regions. The systems are easily integrated into growing facilities, with units built to fit the diverse conditions found in various greenhouses including greenhouses with no aisles or greenhouses with movable tables.

The DryGair solution enables the grower to circulate the indoor air, while creating uniform, controlled climate conditions in the greenhouse, utilizing diverse operating modes:

• Dehumidification only

• Dehumidification and heating

• Dehumidification and cooling

• Heating only and / or cooling only

• Air circulation

DryGair systems have been installed in greenhouses, both in Israel and globally, for diverse crops in differing climate conditions. The solution is patented.

To help growers to get better control in the growing climate conditions while improving the efficiency and increasing grower profit. Growers using DryGair and shade net can choose if they want to treat humidity and temperature separately or jointly.

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