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Construction Tarpaulin Safety Mesh Net Mesh PE Tarpaulin

PE Tarpaulin is used as all kinds of covers like truck cover, ship cover and cargo storage or mineral cover, which can also be made as tents and carport for outside travel, sport and home application.
  • SU-Tarpaulin

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Hefei Grand nets CO., LTD has been in operation for over 14 years, and we are leading suppliers of HDPE Plastic netting products to all parts of world and throughout the Asia-Pacific Region.

Our goals are to provide our customers with high quality products and reliable service and support, and to become the first and preferred supplier of quality commercial products. Hefei Grand nets Established in 2008 by Jason Tao as a manufacture in shade net, bird net, insect net, etc.

You will find us not only in the Canton Fair & CHINA INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE SHOW, but also in Expo National Ferrell, China Commodities NIGERIAN, GAFA-SPOGA IN GERMANY, etc.

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Construction Tarpaulin Safety Mesh Net Mesh PE Tarpaulin
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About Us
Sugrand is a leading manufacturer of agricultural and construction plastic nets in China. sugrand has advanced technology and intellectual property. sugrand agricultural plastic nets account for more than 20% of the global market.
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Hefei Grand Nets Co., Ltd