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Blue new HDPE shade sail for gardens

Square Sun Shade Sail online sale from China
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Blue New HDPE Shade Sail for Gardens

Sun Shade Sails block up to 85% of harmful UVA and UVB rays with its high density polyethylene fabric. The UV stabilized shade sail is durable, yet breathable, allowing rain to pass through without collecting or pooling on top of the sail. Perfect for decks, patios, pool and play areas, picnic areas, parks, gazebos and more.

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Depending on availability, this Sun Shade Sail may be offered in different fabric weights listed as GSM (grams per square meter). The denser the fabric, the higher the UV protection.

The sail is easily installed and taken down, and the stitched corners feature steel D-ring fittings which attach to the mounting points. This kit includes a mounting package for each connection point.


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Blue new HDPE shade sail for gardens
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