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A Brief Introduction of Ground Cover
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A Brief Introduction of Ground Cover

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A Brief Introduction of Ground Cover

I believe everyone knows that the fruits we eat out of season are all planted in greenhouses, so in order to prevent the normal growth of fruits and vegetables in the greenhouse, of course, it is inseparable from the shade net, which is divided into many kinds, including ground cover, we may not be particularly familiar with the name, but we should Should have seen the greenhouse planting or went to the greenhouse planting of self-harvesting garden, so you should be familiar with it.

Surface floating surface covering, that is, ground cover directly spread on the surface of the surface or crop cover cultivation, which is the most simple and economical form of shading net covering cultivation, surface floating surface is divided into surface covering and floating surface covering. The surface of the surface can be covered either in the open field or in the greenhouse. When covering, the net is fixed underground with small sticks or bamboo poles, or with U-shaped wire, or with bricks, cement strips and so on. Ground covering will cover the net directly on the border surface, mainly used for vegetable seedlings after sowing to before, summer and autumn sunshade cooling, winter and spring heat preservation and antifreeze, no shelf materials, simple method. 

ground cover

Floating surface covering will cover the crops directly, mainly used for summer and autumn vegetables transplanted to live trees before the cover, as well as winter or early spring night cover anti-freeze, frost, warm, but also as a typhoon rain, cold wave attack temporary disaster-resistant cover. Generally, it is mainly covered by continuous stitching or single coverage, but it is easy to operate with continuous stitching.

After introducing the surface floating coverage of ground cover, I believe that we should have some understanding of it, so if you do not understand anything in the future, welcome to come and ask us. Interested friends can contact our professional manufacturer of sugrand, our company's ground cover and other products quality assurance, welcome to come to consult.

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