Winter Vegetable Hail Net Helps Disaster Recovery
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Winter Vegetable Hail Net Helps Disaster Recovery

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Winter Vegetable Hail Net Helps Disaster Recovery

Recently, there has been a nationwide snowfall. Someone asked if the hail net products manufactured by hail net manufacturer could help to increase the income of disaster resistance in this cold winter. The answer is yes, according to the introduction of experienced farmers, hail net cover is an effective winter vegetable cultivation in the cold, freeze-proof, insulation measures, winter vegetable shading net to help increase disaster-resistant income as follows.

anti hail net

In winter, vegetable cultivation, dusk and cold wave to cover the anti hail net (should be uncovered during the day) can prevent cold, freeze and promote the role of heat preservation. In winter vegetable cultivation, wheat straw, corn straw and film are commonly used as heat preservation and cold protection materials. They are not easy to cover up, uncover, heat preservation in rainy days, and debris is easy to enter the cabbage to form decay.

Although the film has good thermal insulation, it is airtight and easy to be blown by the wind. Generally, 20%-30% can be increased by agriculture hail net. If there is a strong cold wave climate, the effect of increasing production and income will be more obvious. Celery, leek, spinach, lettuce, radish and other winter vegetables can be selected to use anti hail net floating surface cover.

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