Will Plastic Insect Nets Affect Ventilation?
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Will Plastic Insect Nets Affect Ventilation?

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Will Plastic Insect Nets Affect Ventilation?

Will Plastic Insect Nets Affect Ventilation?

First, there are many types of plastic insect-proof nets, generally 20-60 meshes. Of course, the meshes range from 1.2mm to 0.5mm, so when choosing plastic insect nets, you must choose the correct specifications of plastic insect nets.

Second, when choosing a plastic insect net, it depends on what you are planting. For example, vegetables are generally used with 30-40 meshes, because 30-40 meshes can just prevent the kind of pests that vegetables love, and also Does not affect ventilation, the mesh is about 1mm, and the fruit inside will not rot. For seedlings, use 50 or 60 mesh.

Third, when choosing a plastic insect net, it has to be based on different regions, and the selected specifications are also different, because different regions have different temperatures and different growing pests. So you have to choose the right one according to your geographical location.

Mosquito mesh are used for isolation of pollen in the production of original seeds of vegetables and rapeseed, and as a shield after tissue culture detoxification of potatoes and flowers.

It can also be used as a product for preventing insects and diseases when raising tobacco seedlings.

The main points of the use of insect nets.

Greenhouse plastic insect net technology requires us to quickly disinfect the soil before installing the plastic insect net, kill the pests and germs remaining in the soil, and completely cut off the transmission route. The surrounding of the greenhouse plastic insect-proof net should also be pressed with bricks to prevent pests from entering.

Although the insect net effect of the plastic bug netting in the greenhouse is very good, if the temperature is too high, the temperature inside the net and the ground temperature will be higher than those outside the net, which will have a great impact on the normal production of vegetables.

Therefore, in July and August, when the temperature is too high, you can use a plastic insect net to control the temperature in the net.

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