Why Is The Black Shade Net Good In Shading And Cooling?

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Why Is The Black Shade Net Good In Shading And Cooling?

We all know, especially farmers, that the black shading net has high shading rate and fast cooling, so it is suitable for short-term covering of fields which need careful management in hot summer. Why is the shading effect of black greenhouse shading net good?

The so-called white is the sum of all visible light. The material that can reflect all visible light is white, so white will reflect light. The material that can absorb all visible light is black, so black material can absorb all light.

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That is to say, the shading and cooling effect of the general black shading net is better than that of the silver-gray net. It is suitable for vegetable mulching in summer and summer season, which requires less light intensity and less viral diseases. Silver-grey net has good light transmission, avoids aphids and prevents viral diseases. It is suitable for vegetable mulching in early summer, early autumn and requires high light intensity.

The effect of shading and cooling after covering with different specifications of shade net is also different. When the narrow mesh needs to be spliced together, the nylon thread should be used to sew, and no cotton thread or plastic rope should be wrapped in the market to prevent the breakage due to aging in the use process.

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