Which Season Is The Sunshade Net Mainly Used In?
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Which Season Is The Sunshade Net Mainly Used In?

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Which Season Is The Sunshade Net Mainly Used In?

The sunshade net is mainly used in summer, more in summer and less in winter. In summer, the sunshade net can better play its role and function. In summer, it can play a role in blocking light and shading. Rainproof, windproof, moisturizing and cooling effect, but in spring and winter, it can also play the role of moisturizing and increasing temperature. Its raw materials are mainly polyethylene and high-grade polyethylene, which have been treated with oxidation and have strong tensile strength. Power, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, radiation resistance and many other features.

Taking succulents as an example, sunshade nets are undoubtedly a good choice. They can block excess sunlight and help plants. The nets commonly used in the market are mainly green. It has been used in the past ten years. , A new type of protective covering material for agriculture, fishery, animal husbandry, etc., in summer, it is mainly used for the cultivation and planting of many crops such as vegetables, flowers, seedlings, medicinal materials, and has an important impact on medicinal materials.

For it, many people choose to use it in summer, because it has many good uses in summer. It can help plants shade and block light, so that plants can better photosynthesize, and it is more conducive to plants to absorb nutrients and cultivate plants. Good varieties, in summer, the weather gradually heats up and evaporates faster. Using it to cover plants can prevent plants from dying due to drought. We can choose appropriate colors to cover according to the needs of the plant species. Some prefer sunlit ones. The crops are suitable for white coverage, and some shade-loving crops are suitable for black coverage. The silver shade net has the effect of repelling mosquitoes and preventing virus infection. Also, if you cover the black, you need to cover it at noon when it is sunny, and pay in the morning and evening. It should be uncovered in time if it is cloudy. If it is sunny, cover usually starts around 10 o'clock in the afternoon, and it should be uncovered at around 4 o'clock in the afternoon. Try not to lay the net in the open air, but press it in a large shed. Experiments have proved that the effect of covering in the large shed. Very good, it is very suitable for the growth of crops, it can also make the air flow better, the cooling effect is also very ideal, and it is convenient for people to operate. 

In recent years, various technologies have continuously improved. With the development of the times, its use is also more and more. More and more widely, under the cultivation of the plants it covers, it has many characteristics such as high income, high yield, high efficiency, etc. Through its shading effect in summer, it is artificially adjusted and changed for crop growth. The natural ecological environment factors such as humidity, temperature and light are mainly used to improve the quality and quality of crops. In summary, it is a very good choice to use in summer.

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