Which Kind Of Support Net Should Be Selected For Planting Tomato?

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Which Kind Of Support Net Should Be Selected For Planting Tomato?

Which kind of plant support net is good for planting tomato? We all know that there are many kinds of plant support net, many colors, sunscreen in summer, heat preservation in winter, good protection of plants, all support nets can be used in the north and south, is one of the most inseparable products of vegetable greenhouses.

planting engineering with plant support netting

Take tomato for example, it is a photophilic plant, which needs a relatively light range of sunshine, so that it is conducive to growth and can promote flowering. The range of plant support net is 40% to 45%, and the transmittance is between 40,000 and 50,000, which can meet the growth needs of tomatoes and the intensity of light.

When choosing support net, we must pay attention to the choice of color. Each color effect is different. When buying, we can compare the price and quality of each other. The effect of plant support net depends on its density. The higher the density, the better the effect. There are many kinds of density in support net. It depends on where it is used, such as sparse points for planting flowers and vegetables, and dense points for breeding.

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