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Which Kind Of Bird Net Has A Longer Service Life ?
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Which Kind Of Bird Net Has A Longer Service Life ?

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Which Kind Of Bird Net Has A Longer Service Life ?

At the annual sales season, a large number of anti bird net flow into shopping malls uneven, polyethylene nylon nylon generally has good and bad strength, sellers focus on outstanding life as a selling point, 3-5 years, 5 years, 10 years and so on. What is the life of bird-proof nets? Here we briefly introduce:

1. Polyethylene

This is a popular product in the early years. It has been widely used in the early years, but it has finally become a screening product. Why? PE, the scientific name of polyethylene, the real life of good polyethylene products (such as Daqing 5000S particles and other big brands) is still relatively good, evolved to the final price war, then recycled materials will inevitably be added, the price will be cheap, the user is also recognized who is cheap to buy who, the seller also said that it is okay to use two years, buy back a good year, less than a bad year. It's broken in a month. Call the seller and I'm sure you won't get a good answer.

2. General nylon (nylon monofilament)

Nylon scientific name PA6, general nylon is low viscosity and low strength products, drawing multiple is generally around 4.1, single-line pulling force is about 1.5KG, now a brand of particle processing and drawing is widely used in shopping malls, high output, now the most sold in shopping malls, mainly in light yellow, white, white is the most, the seller's outstanding life is selling point 3-5 years, in general, if the temperature is maintained. At about 30 degrees, this product is still possible, but most afraid of high temperature and low temperature (below 0 degrees). If you put the net away after several months each year, it may last for three years. This is still without adding recycled material. If you recycle the average nylon life, it will not last for more than two years. All of the above are temperature. One disadvantage of this product is that it is not windproof. So if users buy this product, they must do a good job of windproof treatment.


3. Super nylon

Although they are all called nylon, the raw materials are quite different. PA6 particles are made of high-viscous and high-strength products, adding 5% anti-oxidant UV particles, drawing multiple reaches 4.8, single-wire pulling force reaches 7KG, a big selling point of the products (which can resist wind damage to a certain extent) has passed high temperature and low temperature tests, and the function of the products has not changed much, which is seldom seen in this shopping mall because of the cost. The reason for the high cost is that the price of nylon is a little higher than that of nylon. However, if we can calculate the longevity, it is also low cost. This kind of longevity is guaranteed by quality.

I have seen a master who specializes in the construction of bird-proof nets, a glittering phrase: long life, the lowest cost. What's more, the cost of building a net is higher than that of a bird-proof net. Time can't be wasted like this. When you are busy, you are changing the network. When others rest, you are changing the network. Either on the way to buy the network or on the way to change the network. I dare say that as long as you have used the network once, the psychology of the people is the most numerous. In the past few years, I sold the network and heard the most about which kind of cheap to buy. At the beginning of this year, the sound of the telephone is different. Ask me which kind of quality is good. Send me a sample to see. I'll decide if that's OK. People's thinking is changing, roads are also changing, bird-proof nets are changing step by step, polyethylene is not used, and then the general nylon, eventually gradually changing the super nylon, people's vision positioning is high.

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