What's the Advantage of Bird Nets?
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What's the Advantage of Bird Nets?

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What's the Advantage of Bird Nets?

Bird nets are mainly made of PE or nylon. Their meshes are very small, which effectively isolate birds from entering the nets and stealing fruits. Anti bird net also have some tricks in choosing colors when they are purchased. This is the principle that bird-proof nets can prevent birds.


The screen of bird-proof net is translucent, and the standard bird-proof net is colored, because birds are more alert to red, yellow, blue and other colors. After the installation, a red or blue light appears on the top of the field, which makes the birds dare not approach, and can play a role of bird protection without harming the birds, so as to truly achieve environmental protection and effectiveness. Blue or red bird net are used in plain areas.

Bird-proof nets are mainly used to intimidate birds on color. The ultimate goal is to keep birds from approaching the orchard and frighten them thousands of miles away. So try to choose the bright color system in the color, so as to attract the attention of birds, in the breeze, flash, birds naturally dare not care.

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