What's The Function of Construction Safety Net?
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What's The Function of Construction Safety Net?

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What's The Function of Construction Safety Net?

As you know, in order to ensure the safety of workers, we often need to use a variety of building safety net in construction. Now we need to use these nets in a lot of work, such as fruit farmers in order to be able to protect its products will also use a variety of protective nets. Today sugrand will introduce to you the construction safety net, the welding quality of building safety net is very important, if you want to know the reason, then follow us to understand it.

The welding and quality of building safety net are very important to the safety of workers. The construction safety net is an indispensable building safety net for site construction. It can also be called steel-plastic geogrid with net. Safety nets must be hung at the lower part of the work site above the height of the building. When the height of the building exceeds 4m, a safety net must be set up gradually with the wall, and then a fixed safety net must be set up every 4m. 

building safety net

Safety nets must be set at the top and bottom of the outrigger and bridge frame. The erection of safety net should be low inside and high outside, and the difference of expenditure part is generally about 5Ocm; the supporting rods are not broken or bent; the safety net should be guaranteed to be complete, effective, reasonable support, uniform force, and no impurities in the net.

As for the role of welding quality of building safety net, we'll talk about it first, and hope to provide more help to our production after understanding these contents. Now there are many building safety net manufacturer in the market, we want to buy high-quality products must learn to distinguish between the good and bad of these products.

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