What Should We Pay Attention To When Using Anti Insect Nets?
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What Should We Pay Attention To When Using Anti Insect Nets?

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What Should We Pay Attention To When Using Anti Insect Nets?

Insect nets are mainly used for crop pest control. The use of anti insect net has greatly helped people to protect crops from the invasion of pests. In the use of insect-proof nets, we need to pay attention to some problems, if you do not know about insect-proof nets, now you can join us to see.

1. Reasonable selection of insect-proof net. The mesh number, color and width of yarn nets should be taken into account when selecting insect-proof net. If the mesh size is too small and the mesh size is too large, the effect of insect control will not be achieved; moreover, if the mesh size is too large and the mesh size is too small, it can prevent insects, but the ventilation is poor, resulting in high temperature and too much shading, it is not conducive to crop growth. Generally, 22-24 objective insect-proof nets should be selected. Different seasons, different temperatures, you can also choose insect-proof nets according to the season.

2. Insect control. Seeds, soil, plastic shed or greenhouse skeleton, shelf materials, etc. may contain pests and eggs. Before planting vegetables, seeds, soil, shelf skeleton and shelf materials should be treated with pest control net, which is the key link to ensure the cultivation effect of pest control net.

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3. Ensure the quality of coverage. Insect-proof nets should be completely enclosed and covered, compacted by soil around them and fixed firmly with film-pressing lines; the height of shelves should be significantly higher than that of crops when covered with insect-proof nets in small arch shed, so as to prevent insect pests from feeding or laying eggs on vegetable leaves by insect-proof nets. Inspect and repair the holes and cracks in the insect-proof net at any time.

These are the precautions for the use of insect-proof nets. For those who do not know about insect-proof nets, they have a new understanding of insect-proof nets. They not only understand the importance of using insect-proof nets, but also understand the methods of using them. I believe these contents are helpful to those who need them. As a anti insect net manufacturers, we strictly control the quality of insect-proof nets in production. If you need, you can contact us for further understanding.

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