What Should Be Noted in Using Greenhouse Shade Net?

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What Should Be Noted in Using Greenhouse Shade Net?

What matters should we pay attention to when we use the greenhouse shade net in our greenhouse cultivation? According to global climate, the end of the rainy season in mid-late September, greenhouse shading network coverage can be carried out, generally speaking, February-mid-April is the main coverage period. During this period, in the long rainy weather, the greenhouse should temporarily roll up the greenhouse shading net to enhance the illumination.

It is not necessary to uncover the net before seedling emergence, but it is necessary to uncover the net in the evening after seedling emergence. Floating cover can also be carried out after transplanting and planting, but it should be managed at night.

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In early spring, melon, eggplant and legume vegetables can be covered with frost prevention after planting. They can be covered in small arched shed or small arched shed in the shed. If the greenhouse shading net is covered on the film arched shed, the frost prevention effect is better, but it should be managed by day and night covering.

When covering the shade net of greenhouse in summer, the net should be opened in time according to the climate, vegetable varieties and growth. If the net is to be opened in cloudy and rainy days, the net can be opened in sunny days, and the net can be opened in the morning or evening. The temperature above 47 degrees is usually covered at 8:00 a.m. and at 3:00 p.m.

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