What Materials Are Used to Make Bird Net and Plant Support Net?

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What Materials Are Used to Make Bird Net and Plant Support Net?

Bird nets are mainly used to prevent birds from invading and destroying crops. The main materials used in anti bird nets are: unique materials, special spectral coatings make focusing imaging impossible to complete, so that birds are regarded as nothing and can not be found.

It is mainly used to prevent sparrows from spoiling crops. When sparrows fly, they are caught in nets and stuck in nets. When they are removed, they should be released. Otherwise, they will catch too much in a day and cannot finish eating.

Product characteristics: unique material, special spectral coating, economic and practical, good efficacy! Mainly used in agriculture, forestry, industry and other production activities of bird pests, used to block, catch sparrows, thrushes and other birds, do not harm birds; please pay attention to the protection of rare birds. Our company produces bird-proof nets with good quality, long usage time, good bird-proof effect and so on. It is widely loved by farmers.

plant support net

In addition, the plant support net, also known as cucumber net, uses the cucumber net to make the cucumber grow better in the production process and increase the yield and income. Increase farmers' income substantially. Benefiting the country and the people. 

Now, due to the environmental pollution, some of the birds we often saw as children are almost gone. Using our company's bird-proof net can not only protect the harvest of crops, but also do no harm to these invading birds, killing two birds with one stone.

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