What Kind of Material is Good for Anti Bird Net?
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What Kind of Material is Good for Anti Bird Net?

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What Kind of Material is Good for Anti Bird Net?

Speaking of the raw plastic net materials of bird-proof nets, in fact, the raw materials are the most important, which directly affects the quality of bird-proof nets. There are generally two kinds of raw materials on the market, nylon Brown yarn (nylon yarn) and polyethylene yarn. If fruit growers do not plan to use them for a long time or use them for a year or two, they can choose polyethylene raw materials. If you plan to use it for a long time, you'd better choose nylon Brown yarn (nylon yarn).

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There is also a matter about raw materials, sugrand wants to tell you that although there are only two kinds of raw materials for bird-proof net, some businessmen choose various non-standard threads to weave bird-proof nets in order to maximize their profits. Some do not reach the proper pulling force in the process of wire drawing, which can lead to the decline of the quality of bird-proof nets. The threads are also polyethylene or nylon threads but do not reach the pulling point. Force, the quality of bird-proof net declined linearly. 

In addition, some businesses added a recycled material to reduce costs, which greatly reduced the service life of bird-proof nets. SUGRAND reminded fruit growers not to blindly seek low prices to consider comprehensively, otherwise, at that time, a little cheaper but later lost a lot. Finally, we wishes you a good harvest this year!

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