What Is The Role Of Mesh Bags In Life?
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What Is The Role Of Mesh Bags In Life?

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What Is The Role Of Mesh Bags In Life?

The word mesh bag is relatively unfamiliar to everyone, but in fact, everyone has used it in life.

The mesh bag is made by the equipment specializing in the production of mesh bags. The materials used are safe, non-toxic and high-performance materials, which can withstand most acid and alkali erosion.

There are more and more manufacturers of mesh bags. With the increase in the number of manufacturers and the pressure of competition, there are many low-quality products on the market, which bring a lot of trouble to consumers. In order to prevent this phenomenon from happening, tell you how to choose a mesh bag.

1. Observation of the toughness of the mesh bag

Tenacity is an effective method to inspect product material and quality. We can put agricultural products into mesh bags to observe the tension and tenacity of products. Products with higher tension are high-quality products.

2. Observation of the preparation process

a. First, check whether the color, brightness and color of the mesh bag meet your own requirements.

b. The proportion of the phenomenon of lack of warp and weft.

c. Observe whether the sewing process meets the standard.

d. Whether the density meets the requirements for use.

Precautions for the use of mesh bags

1. Different colors and specifications should be separated during transportation to prevent pollution, and do not touch with sharp objects.

2. When using the mesh bag, it should be opened slowly, and cannot be pulled hard, which is easy to tear. For the remaining vegetable mesh bags, organize and store them for future use.

3. The mesh bag should be stored in a cool place in the warehouse. It should not be exposed to the wind and the sun, and it will be easily weathered if exposed to the wind.

Precautions for storage and maintenance of Mesh Net Bag

1. The storage environment should not be humid, and the product should be placed in a dry and ventilated place to prevent mold and other problems.

2. In order to prevent the breeding of mosquitoes, another problem that should be paid attention to when storing vegetable mesh bag products is mosquitoes, and some disinfectants or insect repellents are regularly sprayed in the warehouse.

3. Do not expose the product to direct sunlight in hot summer, it is recommended to place it in a cool place.

I hope that through the above introduction, more people can know more about date bags.

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