What Is The Function Of the European Shade Sail
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What Is The Function Of the European Shade Sail

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What Is The Function Of the European Shade Sail

The average consumer or is not quite understand what the function of the European awning, then today on this topic to share with you: the width of the European awning can generally be in 2 meters to 6 meters or so, the width of the awning is generally between 1.5 meters to 3 meters, several companies can do 3.5 meters or even 4 meters. Awnings are not only used for shade during the day, but can also be used at night. After nightfall, family members or a few friends will be invited to the courtyard for tea and drinks. At this time, if the awning is opened, a warm and romantic atmosphere can be created.

The role and function of European-style awning:

1、The external sunshade function can completely block the ultraviolet radiation.

2、Reduce the indoor temperature;

3, reduce the load of air conditioning.

According to statistics, the installation of awnings on the windows and not installed awnings for experimental comparison, the installation of awnings in the outdoor can save 60% of the electricity used for cooling. Exterior shading systems installed in offices, high-rise buildings, schools and public places with large windows can effectively block direct sunlight, achieve a good shading effect, and protect indoor furniture and floors from UV erosion.

Whether good shading effect means that the room can not be light, the answer is of course no. European awning design harmonious rationalization: shade and lighting while maintaining the hot summer, can be strong sunlight in the form of diffuse light reflected into the room, so that indoor light is bright but not blinding, and does not affect the indoor see the beautiful scenery outside the window, will expand people's living space from indoor to outdoor, creating a new living space.

European sunshade has good anti-UV function:The sunshade fabric of sunshade has special anti-UV function, which not only protects human skin from UV rays, but also greatly extends the service life of interior decoration and furniture. Awning continent has a colorful covering cloth pattern, color, and users can personalize the colorful skirt of the window according to their preferences, and also can choose the appropriate awning model according to the shape characteristics of the building, making the building more personalized with Germany, thus improving the image of the whole building.

European awnings can be intelligently controlled: Continental awnings with sunlight sensing devices, wind sensors and sensing devices, such as rain sensors can be controlled manually and automatically rolled, depending on the sensors correctly for complex operations, and the entire building outside the window shade can be achieved group control control, improving the degree of intelligence of the entire structure.

European awning shade cloth, using high-quality awning shade cloth is made of special polypropylene, acrylic, deep dyeing technology, high color fastness, material tensile, corrosion resistance, cold resistance, high temperature resistance, resistance to the effects of harsh environmental climate, surface coating treatment, waterproof, easy to dry, exceptionally stable quality, long service life, high color fastness.

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