What Are The Installation Skills Of Tarpaulin?
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What Are The Installation Skills Of Tarpaulin?

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What Are The Installation Skills Of Tarpaulin?

For the products of tarpaulin manufacturers, it is best to carefully fill a layer of waterproof suture glue at the place of waterproof suture glue to avoid aging of suture glue during transportation.

When installing tarpaulin, it should be in flat terrain, preferably in dry thin lawn terrain. Note that the entrance and exit of the tarpaulin should be located at the leeward side. If it is a sloping ground, the entrance and exit should be arranged at the downhill place, because it is convenient for drainage in rainy days. 

After the tarpaulin is spread, fix the four corners first, firmly support the tent, and pay attention to tightening the rope, so as to ensure that the tarpaulin is stretched to the greatest extent. After using the tarpaulin, the tarpaulin cannot be thrown aside immediately. First, ensure that the tarpaulin is before collection.

In the process of application, if there are sharp tools or sharp objects, they must be placed properly. Never let them scratch the tarpaulin to avoid affecting the future application. Even if they are accidentally scratched, it doesn't matter. Repair operations, such as patching, should be done in time to make it play a greater role in application

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