Thermal Insulation Function of Greenhouse Shade Net
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Thermal Insulation Function of Greenhouse Shade Net

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Thermal Insulation Function of Greenhouse Shade Net

Winter is very cold, so special attention should be paid to it. In order to make crops grow better, they are usually planted in greenhouses. Of course, if the greenhouses can not meet the requirements, they need to use agriculture shade net. This can play a very good protective role. So in many places, shade net is very popular.

agriculture shade net

The greenhouse shade net has a certain degree of heat preservation effect, and the unused greenhouse shading net in winter can be used as cold-proof and heat preservation material. According to the relevant experiments, the thermal insulation effect of the greenhouse sunshade net is almost the same as that of the traditional curtain, and it is more labor-saving and more convenient to manage. It can not only alleviate the frost damage when encountering severe frost, but also contribute to the growth of seedlings when applied to the cold-proof and heat preservation of wintering vegetables and the seedling raising of Eggplant and fruit vegetables in winter and spring. Vegetables in early spring are protected against cold current and late frost. For some vegetables sown or planted in the field in early spring, due to the unstable climate, timely and scientific coverage of shading net in greenhouse can not only prevent cold current and late frost, but also help to improve the quality of seedlings and lay the foundation for early maturity and high yield. It is worth noting that although the cultivation of shading net mulching in greenhouse can be applied in different seasons and regions in a reasonable and timely manner, great attention should be paid to the principles of shading net management, strict control of covering time, and it is not easy to cover it all.

From the article we can see that the thermal insulation effect of the greenhouse shading net is very good, which is good news for many crops, if you want to make them grow better, you can use the greenhouse shading net. Of course, when using the shade net in the greenhouse, we should also take into account the use method. If the use method is not correct, there is no way to play its role.

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