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The Types and Characteristics and Uses of Screen Net
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The Types and Characteristics and Uses of Screen Net

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The Types and Characteristics and Uses of Screen Net

Our most common window screens are plastic window screens, invisible window screens are also called glass fiber screen net, nylon window screens, stainless steel window screens, iron window screens, aluminum alloy window screens, fire-resistant window screens and so on. Generally refers to framed screen installed on doors and windows or outside doors and windows, which is widely used in doors and windows, corridors to prevent small insects, mosquitoes and flies from flying into the room. Made mostly of nylon, common white, green and blue. Nylon window screen edge is not slippery, and relatively strong; while plastic window screen edge slippery, etc., but these two kinds of window screens are the cheapest price; stainless steel window screens not only mesh fine barrier mosquito effect is the best, but also the most durable, but the highest price.

Plastic window screens and nylon window screens can be processed into insect-proof nets or locust breeding nets, with less investment and durability. Iron window yarn generally refers to the window yarn made of thin metal wire woven mesh fabric. Its function is the same as nylon window yarn. Invisible window screens are screens that can automatically roll back. It is mainly used for ventilation and mosquito control. The frame is attached to the window frame, pull the screen down when it is used, and the screen will automatically roll back into the net box when it is not used. It does not occupy space and has strong sealing ability. Coordination with high-end home decoration. Invisible window yarn is not "invisible" in the true sense, but the yarn warp used is thinner than the traditional plate yarn warp, and the transmittance is higher than the traditional screen window. After installation, it gives people a sense of likelihood, and impacts your sight.

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In order to achieve its special effect, the invisible window screen must have high transparency and tensile strength. Although there are many kinds of window screens, they are used for the same purpose in hotels, public buildings and residential buildings to prevent mosquitoes.

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