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The Significance Of Shade Net For Crops
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The Significance Of Shade Net For Crops

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What's the role of shade net for crops? What's the main reason that we use shading nets? Mainly to ensure that crops can grow adequately. That's the main point. Let me take a look at this in detail. Specific knowledge of the surface.

The main reason is that many farmers benefit from the shading net, and many farmers suffer from the shading net. In fact, the use of the shading net has a great relationship with the use of methods and purposes. The shading net is harmful to the growth of crops in greenhouse, and the effect of solar radiation, greenhouse effect and the combination of internal shading net are remarkable.

At present, the shading net on the market is mainly black and silver gray. Black shading net has high shading rate and fast cooling rate, so it is suitable for short-term mulching in fields requiring meticulous management in summer. Silver-gray shading net has low shading rate and is suitable for sunny vegetables and long-term mulching. The quality of shading net is not has the final say of color, the color of shading net is added in the process of raw material manufacturing. So, different vegetables should choose different shading nets, so don't judge the quality of shading nets by color.

So do you know what we should do when choosing the sunshade net after that? I hope it can greatly help you, help you choose the right sunshade net, and help you grow your crops safely.

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