The Relationship Between Thickness And Quality Of Tarpaulins
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The Relationship Between Thickness And Quality Of Tarpaulins

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Many people think that "the thicker the tarp, the better the quality", but this is not true. Why do you say so?

Therefore, when judging the quality of tarpaulin products, we can not be sure that the thicker the waterproof tarp is better, the thinner the worse, because the quality of waterproof tarp depends on various factors, such as roughness. The surface of the tarpaulin. The quality of the yarn, the density of the fabric, the quality of the coating and the ratio of the coating.

The correct use of tarpaulin can affect the service life of the car, then for consumers to buy to the car tarpaulin, in order to use the pe tarpaulin well, the tarpaulin manufacturer of the relevant people recommended that the following two points need to be done.


(1) If the surface of the car tarp is a little dirty, then you need to gently brush with cold water, of course, you can also use a sponge with a little cleaner to brush away the mildew. Of course you need to pay attention to the use of car tarpaulin, do not wear shoes directly on the car tarpaulin, to avoid the fabric strength of the tarpaulin.

(2) If you buy a new car tarp, then you need to put a layer of stitching glue on the waterproof stitching glue of the tarp, which can effectively ensure that the car tarp is more durable, and the car tarp is not used to try to ensure that it is dry and tidy, if there is water on the surface of the tarp, remember to hang the tarp up to air dry.

Generally speaking, according to the classification of various plastic tarpaulins, it is found that the thickness is generally between 0.35mm and 0.8mm. The thickness of plastic tarpaulins is based on the thickness of the yarn, the density of the base fabric and the thickness of the coating material. And when using a new tarpaulin, a layer of seam sealant is applied to the area where the waterproof seam is applied. Tarpaulins may take a long time from factory to use and need to consolidate waterproofing measures. Be careful not to touch items that are difficult to clean, such as carbon ink. Use toothpaste or chalk powder after cleaning and sanitizing the tarp. Pay attention to uniformity, drying and discoloration.

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