The Number Of Needles Of The Dust-proof Net
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The Number Of Needles Of The Dust-proof Net

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The Number Of Needles Of The Dust-proof Net

At present, the dust-proof net is mainly divided into two colors: green and black. The specifications range from 1.5 to 8 needles. The larger the number of needles, the denser the dust net and the better the dustproof effect. If you need to distinguish between two needles and three needles In this case, the two-needle dust net has two holes in one inch, and the three-needle filter has three holes in one inch.

According to user feedback, the black shade net of the same quality is better or worse than the green shade net, which refers to the coverage of the green dust net; it has nothing to do with the material, the material is all new polyethylene; the green dust net needle The more the number, the denser the mesh and the better the coverage.

The number of needles of the green dust-proof net represents the coverage rate (shading rate):

2 stitch coverage rate 30%-45%

3 stitch coverage 45%-55%

4-pin coverage 60%-75%

6-pin coverage 80%-90%

8-pin coverage 90%-95%

Dust nets are mainly used in the construction process of construction, engineering, etc., to protect the life safety of construction personnel to a certain extent.

Dust-proof net moisturizing principle: After covering the sun-shading net, the communication speed between the air in the covered area and the outside world is reduced due to the cooling and wind-proof effect, which obviously reduces the relative humidity of the air. At noon, the humidity increases the most, 13-17% humidity is high, and the soil Evaporation decreases, increasing soil moisture.

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