The Main Uses Of The Dust Net
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The Main Uses Of The Dust Net

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The Main Uses Of The Dust Net

The dust-proof net is based on the principle of aerodynamics and the experimental results implemented in the on-site environmental wind tunnel. It is processed into a certain geometric shape, opening rate and different hole types to combine wind and dust walls. Air (strong wind) can pass through the wall. The airflow that forms the upper and lower air reaches the strong wind outside, the weak wind inside and the wind outside. There is no wind inside, so dust is prevented from flying. This technology is currently in the leading position in China. The windshield and the dust wall are composed of three parts: Independent foundation, steel structure support and windshield.

Dust collection is divided into two categories: one is electrostatic dust removal on the surface of the material storage yard, and the other is dynamic dust removal during the heap recycling process. The former is closely related to the water content of the material surface and the wind speed of the environment, and the latter is mainly related to the operation. Decrease, loading and unloading strength, etc. are related.

For the scattered field, only the wind speed reaches a certain strength. The wind makes the surface of the particles move upward enough to overcome the gravity of the particles and the friction between the particles and other forces that hinder the movement of the particles. These particles are stripped from the superimposed surface, at this time The wind speed is called the starting wind speed.

Mainly used to prevent and suppress dust and dust in coal power plants, coal plants, coking plants, power plants, ports, docks, coal storage devices and various material fields, open-air materials for various dust removal measures in steel, building materials, cement and other enterprises, Crop, dust prevention, etc., and coal yards, construction sites, road dust and dust in railway and highway coal collection stations. The dust removal effect of single layer wind and dust wall can reach 65-85%, double The effect of layer wind and dust wall can reach more than 95%.

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