The Important Role Of Safety Nets In Working At Heights
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The Important Role Of Safety Nets In Working At Heights

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The Important Role Of Safety Nets In Working At Heights

At present, more and more high-rise buildings are rising on the ground, and while the construction is continuous, building safety has also attracted people's attention. In particular, building safety nets used in buildings should be carefully used in terms of quality or use.

Here are a few things to pay attention to when using building safety nets.

1. It is necessary to hang building safety nets in high working situations.

When the height of the building exceeds 4 meters, it is necessary to set up a gradually rising safety net together with the wall, and then set up a fixed building safety net every 4 meters, and set up a safety net on the outer frame, bridge, upper and lower holes.

2. For the pillars used to build the building safety net, the diameter of the small end of the wooden strip shall not exceed 7 cm, the diameter of the small end of the bamboo shall not exceed 8 cm, and the spacing between the struts shall not exceed 4 meters.

3. The construction of the building debris netting should be high inside and outside, and the difference between the convex and concave parts of the cost is generally about 5Ocm. The distance between the inner edge of the net and the wall is 15 cm, which must be less than 3 meters, and the distance between the low point of the net and the surface of the lower object should be greater than 3 meters.

4. Building safety nets need to be seen frequently when they are in use, and there are track records. Safety nets that do not meet the requirements should be dealt with in a timely manner, but many safety net manufacturers cannot handle and review them in a timely manner.

5. The building safety net needs to be properly kept when not in use to avoid damp mold.

The above is about the role of the safety net. I hope it can bring inspiration and help to friends, and let everyone have a deep understanding of the scaffold safety net . In this way, everyone can be aware of it in the future use process, not in a hurry, and play the maximum role of the safety net.

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