The Foundation of Realizing the Non-pollution of Vegetables--Anti Insect Net

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The Foundation of Realizing the Non-pollution of Vegetables--Anti Insect Net

Vegetables are one of the indispensable foods in our life. Many families buy vegetables from the vegetable market. Some families grow them by themselves. We all know that pollution-free vegetables are green and natural. People can eat them with determination. How can the pollution-free vegetables be accomplished?

I. Insect-proof Net Isolation Skills

Insect-proof net manufacturer points out that insect-proof net isolation refers to covering insect-proof net around and on the top of greenhouse, covering film and sunshade net around greenhouse, covering insect-proof net around greenhouse, or building a flat shelf with an area of thousands of square meters to cover insect-proof net, also known as insect-proof net room. Insect-proof net isolation inside and outside the net enables larger pests (Spodoptera litura, Spodoptera exigus, Beet beet beet beet beet beet beet worms, Moths, etc.) cannot enter the net to damage vegetable crops. The pesticide dosage of vegetables can fluctuate greatly by using insect-proof net to cover up and cultivate. The problem of interval period of continuous picking of vegetables can be solved, and the edibility of vegetables can be improved greatly.


2. Insect Sex Attractant Skills

Insect sex attractants trap and kill insects by slowly releasing synthetic sex pheromone compounds into the field, luring male moths into traps, or using confusion method, so that male moths can not find female moths, thus destroying their mating and reaching the goal of control.

3. Microirrigation Skills

Micro-irrigation technology has the advantages of saving labor and water, reducing energy consumption, improving fertilizer utilization rate, reducing field humidity, reducing diseases and weeds, and promoting high yield of crops. It has a broad application prospect.

Now we know how to achieve pollution-free vegetables, we can also find that the first skill is insect-proof net isolation skills, of course, the other three skills are also very important, indispensable. The use of insect-proof nets plays a very important role in the maintenance of vegetables, and the selection of insect-proof nets has become the most important. Therefore, when choosing insect-proof nets, we should choose regular insect net manufacturers.

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