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The Difference Between Different Colors of Shade Net
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The Difference Between Different Colors of Shade Net

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The Difference Between Different Colors of Shade Net

When we go to the market to buy shade net, we can see that the color of shade nets is very much, but often buy more black shade nets, which is why? Because some people say that the use of shade nets is better, then is it the same thing? What are the different colors of shade nets? Today, we will tell you the difference between different colors of shading net.

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The results showed that the height, stem diameter, leaf area, fresh weight and dry weight of tomato seedlings covered by shading net were significantly higher than those without shading net. The seedling index of red net, blue net and Silver Ash net increased by 41.2%, 15.4% and 55.2% respectively, while black net decreased by 9.7%. 

The MDA content, SOD and CAT activities of tomato seedling leaves were significantly decreased by shading net mulching. There was no significant difference in POD activity between treatments except blue net mulching. And the shade screen color is different, its production speed and output are different, so consumers can not blindly choose to buy.

Previously, many people knew that the use of shading nets would affect the growth of plants, but they did not know that the color of shading nets would also affect the growth of their crops. But after reading our article for these knowledge, so follow-up in the purchase of shading network will give priority to choose the appropriate shading net to buy. If there is a need for cooperation, you can contact us. SUGRAND will be your trusted friend.

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