The Difference Between Anti Bird Nets And Bird-catching Net
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The Difference Between Anti Bird Nets And Bird-catching Net

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The bird-proof net is made of polyethylene, and the thread is many times thicker than the bird-catching net. The most important thing is that it does not stick to the birds. The colors green and blue are the warning colors for birds. When the sun shines on a net, it will reflect the light and give it a dazzling feeling. 

Birds flying from the sky will cause fear to minimize the chance of getting close to the net. Thereby, the effect of preventing birds can be improved and the damage to birds can be reduced. The use of such a net for environmental protection truly embodies the concept of practicality, no harm to birds, and environmental protection.

The color of the bird net is black or transparent, and the thread is relatively thin. When people walk in front of the net, the thread becomes thinner and thinner, and you may not be able to see clearly. Because the bird is flying fast, it will not know until it flies close to it and hits it. If the bird-proof net entraps the bird, the poacher’s bird-catching net is made of nylon, with very thin threads and dense meshes like a sieve. I can't see it from afar. 

When the bird hits, the thin thread will get stuck in the bird's wings and feathers. The more the bird struggles, the tighter it entangles. The thread was rubbed into the meat, and the bird quickly couldn't move. Even if you don't intentionally harm the bird, you will unintentionally let the bird die in use. Therefore, this kind of net is not suitable for preventing birds. Although the cost is not high, it is too harmful to birds.

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