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The Correct Use Of Black Weeding Mulch Film
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The Correct Use Of Black Weeding Mulch Film

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The Correct Use Of Black Weeding Mulch Film

Black grass weeding film is a vital measure in agricultural production. It has played a prominent role in regulating ground temperature, retaining water and fertilizer, and controlling humidity, greatly saving agricultural water and improving the ability to fight agricultural disasters. In addition, the mulching film also has the functions of maintaining dry soil moisture, inhibiting the growth of weeds, and reducing diseases.

The light transmittance of this product is only 10%, which can effectively inhibit the growth of weeds, and can be used in areas with a lot of weeds to save the cost of weeding. The black mulch film is not easy to transfer heat under sunlight, and inhibits soil warming. It is suitable for summer carrots, cabbage, spinach, autumn cucumbers, etc. Covering the soil with black plastic film can keep the soil temperature stable, and the organic matter will be in a normal state of circulation. Moreover, the soil covered with black mulch has moderate soil moisture and less water loss.

The correct use of black weeding film is as follows:

First is to cover with mulch film at night, and then cover after planting the roots of the plants to a sufficient depth. The weeds that appeared during the period can be wiped out by hoeing, and the WeChat search for vegetable farmers is concerned. Doing so can not only suppress weeds, but also loosen the soil layer and promote root growth;

Second, when covering with mulch, do not use the method of perforating and piercing trees. The mulch film can be separated and only cover the rows. When mulching, the mulch film and the roots of the plant should be kept at a certain distance. Conditional vegetable farmers can sprinkle a small amount of straw before laying the mulch, so as to prevent the mulch from being directly attached to the ground.

This product is pre-mixed with herbicides, additives and resin, or made into masterbatch, and then blown into a film on an ordinary mulching film extruder. This kind of mulch film production process is simple, the equipment investment is small, and the equipment for producing ordinary mulch film can be produced.

The black weeding film is made of high-pressure polyethylene resin, linear low-density polyethylene resin as the base material, adding black masterbatch, antioxidant, and ultraviolet light absorber to the black film produced by the film blowing machine. Because it does not contain herbicides, At present, it is widely used in high-efficiency agriculture.

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