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The Choice of the Color of Bird Net
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The Choice of the Color of Bird Net

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The Choice of the Color of Bird Net

Many peasant friends will choose some anti bird net to prevent birds from destroying grain and affecting the year's harvest. The foxtail foxtail bird-proof net is made of very good polyethylene material. It is very robust and economical. It is not afraid of rain and high temperature in summer. Once it is launched, it is welcomed by many people.

However, when purchasing, there are many styles and different colors. So what is the best? Now let's introduce it.

anti bird net

First, the quality of white bird net is relatively better. First, many people know that white is the starting ingredient of plastic polyethylene. It is very robust and useful. Let's test it. If you light part of the bird-proof net with a lighter, there will be a black substance attack. Secondly, its service life is very long, and it can be used for about five years.

Second, other colors here include red or blue. One of the millet bird-proof nets is transparent. Once red or blue is used, it will show a piece of red or blue on the whole grain, which is very spectacular. Birds are very active about red, yellow and blue substances, and they are afraid to approach because of their conflicting mentality. In the first place, it does not damage the birds, and in the second place, it protects the growth of grain. Now it has been recognized by many people.

In fact, no matter what color the millet anti-bird net can prevent birds, the most important thing is the size of the mesh. Suppose the mesh is very large, it can't stop the birds. Buying a network with more meshes can help eradicate this phenomenon. When purchasing, try to choose the right price. After all, it directly affects farmers'economic income.

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