The Bird Net Set Up A Tent For Apple Orchard
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The Bird Net Set Up A Tent For Apple Orchard

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The Bird Net Set Up A Tent For Apple Orchard

Recently, when passing through a rural intersection, I saw an apple grove covered by a large nylon bird net woven "tent" and looked at it as if there were astronauts in protective clothing. This trick was really effective, only to see a group of birds flying back and forth around the screen, more and more unable to eat.

The owner of the apple tree told us that this year is the second year of apple fruit, last year's fruit, due to a moment of negligence, looking at the delightful fruit almost to maturity, we cool under the tree, but also to explore this year's harvest, a few days later came a group of sparrows, a few days did not arrive on the tree to eat a fruit. Light. Some of the fruit remains left behind. I really hate iron and steel.

anti bird net

Old farmer said that this year, good friends introduced to buy anti bird net, the effect is good, or nylon material, special durable, covering the neck of the fruit tree, like the apple tree covered with protective clothing.

Watching the batches of fruit approaching maturity, the gluttonous birds could only look dry but could not eat the fruit inside the protective clothing, chirping outside. Apples hide inside, which reduces sun exposure and prevents birds from stealing food.

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