The Benefits Of Weed Control Mat?
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The Benefits Of Weed Control Mat?

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The Benefits Of Weed Control Mat?

The hole drilling construction of the new type weed mat is conducive to the development of plant roots and prevent root rot. The above ground protection of weed conrol mat is full spread in greenhouse, which is used for soilless cultivation of vegetables and flowers and potted cultivation of crops. However, plastic film is easy to aging under light and has short service life. The anti grass cloth is easy to use, which is much better than manual weeding and mulching.

According to our understanding of the anti grass cloth, it can be used in three ways: ground protection department, ground protection seedbed bottom layer. The straw proof cloth also comes from the weaving and laying mechanism of ground cloth. This mechanism can prevent water accumulation at the root of crops, so that the air in the root has certain fluidity, and the grass cloth can prevent the root from putrefaction. In recent years, grass cloth has been tested, that is, black plastic woven geotextile. It is similar to chemical fertilizer bag cloth. It is resistant to aging and is not afraid of trampling. It is easy to spread and operate.

The Benefits Of Weed Mat?

The ground cover can reach 90%, good air permeability, good water permeability, also can keep moisture, fertilizer, environmental protection and degradation, without manual recycling, enjoy the characteristics of the cage cover for many years. After the improvement of soil nutrition and anti weed mat cover, the concave convex temperature can be raised, the soil moisture can be kept unchanged, and the excellent conditions for soil microbial activities can be created, thus accelerating the differentiation of soil organic matter and increasing the soil nutrient content. If it is paved in spring and stored in autumn, it can be used for 4-6 years; if it is paved all year round, it can be used for 3-4 years.

The black plastic film can be covered in orchards to prevent the development of green weeds by blocking the sunlight. After improving the soil hardening ground covered with weed control fabric, because of its good air permeability and moisture retention, it greatly increases soil earthworm microorganisms, improves soil microenvironment, promotes soil loosening and no hardening phenomenon.

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