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The Anti Insect Net Used in Flower Pest Control
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The Anti Insect Net Used in Flower Pest Control

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The Anti Insect Net Used in Flower Pest Control

Nowadays, green food has penetrated into the hearts of the people. What is green food? Green food in China is a general term for pollution-free, safe, high-quality, nutritious food. It refers to the non-polluting, non-polluting, safe, high-quality and nutritive food which is produced according to the specific mode of production and is recognized by the relevant specialized agencies of the state. But green leaf pests are unavoidable, so a good alternative to pesticides must be found. This makes the birth of anti insect net.

anti insect net

The wide use of insect net not only makes people realize the importance of vegetables and fruits, but also with the increase of domestic flower export business, many flower production companies have installed insect-proof nets in greenhouses, to protect the export of flowers. 

Installation of an internal greenhouse insect net is mainly for the need of plant export quarantine. First, insecticidal treatment is carried out on the plant products ready for export, and then they are maintained in areas protected by insect-proof nets. This not only reduces the chances of insect pest transmission, but also prevents the occurrence of white whitefly, thrips, aphids and other insect pests, and provides targeted medication for the export plants. It can reduce the dosage of medicament. It can be seen that the use of internal insect prevention can also play a role in isolation, conducive to the timely detection of problems and measures.

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