The Advantages of Anti Insect Net at The Air Outlet of Pest Control Shelter

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The Advantages of Anti Insect Net at The Air Outlet of Pest Control Shelter

May and June is the peak period for the spread and spread of pests. For example, aphids occur seriously in wheat fields. If no insect net is set up in greenhouses, a large number of aphids fly into greenhouses from wheat fields, and the reproductive speed is amazing. In addition to directly endangering vegetables, aphids also transmit virus diseases, which can spread a variety of viruses. As recently as a vegetable farmer reflected: a few virus disease plants were found in the shed half a month ago, there are aphids in the shed without spraying control, recently almost all the shed were infected with virus disease, can only pull out the garden.

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After the beginning of summer, the outside temperature rises. In order to ensure the temperature in the shed, the shed is always open at night and night. This year the weather is dry, more pests, with the arrival of summer, also reached the peak of pest growth and reproduction. In order to prevent pests from entering the greenhouse and endangering crops, it is suggested that vegetable farmers should set up anti insect net in time and strictly prevent pests from entering the greenhouse.

The number of mesh used should be determined according to the specific situation, too dense is not conducive to ventilation and cooling, too sparse is easy for insects to enter, can not play a role in insect control. Generally speaking, white insect net is suitable for 40~60 purpose. In addition, to do a good job of weeding around the shed, withered branches and rotten leaves should also be removed from the shed, reducing the host aphids, whiteflies, etc., to avoid pests around the shed to stay.

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