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Teach You How To Distinguish The Material Of Plastic Net
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Teach You How To Distinguish The Material Of Plastic Net

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Teach You How To Distinguish The Material Of Plastic Net

With the rising temperature, many farmers began to consider covering crops with plastic net. As a professional manufacturer of plastic net, we will introduce them to you. Introduce several commonly used materials on the market, mainly divided into polyethylene, fishing nets, bottle caps, safety nets and so on. At present, most of the sunshade nets produced in China are made of plastic, useful polyethylene and polypropylene. Of course, the quality of the sunshade nets produced by polyethylene is much better than that of polypropylene, which we must pay attention to. Today I will teach you how to distinguish the material of the plastic net.

1. New material polyethylene, that is, the new material or pure material we usually talk about orally, the quality of the shade net produced by this material is better and the service life is longer.

2. Fishing net material in deep sea, because it has been used in water for a long time without sunshine, so the quality is very good. The service life of this material's sunshade net can be more than 3 years, so it's very good.

plastic net

3. Ordinary fishing net material, seed-making raw material is slightly worse than deep-sea. The service life of the shading net made of this raw material can reach 2-3 years. At present, the shading net with good quality is widely promoted.

4. Bottle cap material is the recovery of mineral water bottle cap, which can be divided into domestic and imported materials. The imported materials are slightly better than the domestic ones.

5. If the safety net, woven bag and shading net are recycled and reprocessed, the quality of such plastic net should be poor, and consumers are not advised to buy it.

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