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Summer Shade Net Installation Master Points
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Summer Shade Net Installation Master Points

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Summer Shade Net Installation Master Points

In the hot summer, people rack their brains to shade the sun, this shade net will certainly become a choice, but ordinary black screens can not meet people's needs, after all, black is too single, and the dark color of a piece, is not beautiful, here a sugrand plastic net factory for you to provide a variety of shade screens for you choice. Next, we will discuss the main points of installing shading net in summer.

First of all, choose the right color (according to customer needs, generally light beauty), the right size (according to the size of the client's balcony), tailor the shade net reserve.

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Then, according to the size of the buttonhole on the mesh, nail the nail on the outer wall of the balcony, find a good rope to fix the sun screen, generally will not cover the whole balcony, so the ventilation effect will not be very good, will only block the south of the place, blocked. The sun is at noon because the sun is the most poisonous at 11-13. It's good to sprinkle some sunshine indoors for the rest of the time.

Next, let's talk about the advantages of shading nets instead of curtain screens.

1) the air permeability of shading net is better than that of cord fabric.

2) shade net is better than cord price.

3) sunshade nets add anti-aging agents, which are more resistant to sunlight.

4) shading net has become the new favorite of the fashion industry.

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