Summer Goods Balcony Shade Net
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Summer Goods Balcony Shade Net

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Summer Goods Balcony Shade Net

The high temperature in summer really makes people feel like they are about to be cooked. Even indoors, as long as the air conditioner is not turned on, it feels too hot, so is there any way to make the temperature in our room lower and not occupy the what about the location?

With the rapid development of the sunshade net industry, more and more types emerge in an endless stream, which more and more meet people's daily needs for it. For example, the balcony sunshade net is one of them. Let's understand the balcony network together.

Balcony Shade Net:

Balcony net are knitted of an all-weather polyethylene fabric that keeps out 90% of UV rays, yet allows air through. That combination reduces the indoor temperature, and also allows some light to filter in so you can keep an eye on the out side.

Balcony shade net will withstand heavy wind, abrasion, and is UV stabilized. Balcony net is the best way to expand your outdoor enjoyment without absorbing UV rays which cause serious sunburns or other problems. Enjoy your outdoor living spaces and remain cooler with knitted fabric specially designed to breathe.

Balcony fence net can block harmful sun rays yet remains totally unaffected by moisture and nature temperature extremes.

Balcony net details:

1.Easy to install and take down.

2.Stainless steel grommets every 1′ to anti rust.

3.reinforced seams to make high strength.

4.rope to fix it easily.

5.Visibility blockage 90%.

6.Low maintenance – Just clean it with common detergent & water.

Application of balcony shade net

Ideal for deck, garden, patio, backyard, entryway, pool & children’s playing area, permanent or temporary use.

The perimeter of each sail is designed with a gentle cantenary curve inwards towards the center of the sail to control the fabric tension.

Balcony shade nets have reinforced webbing around the perimeter ,It will not wrinkle, sag, or flap in the wind.

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