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Summarize The Performance Of Shade Net
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Summarize The Performance Of Shade Net

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Summarize The Performance Of Shade Net

Whether in the city or in the countryside, shade net is a relatively common product. What kind of performance does it have and can it be applied in such a wide range of fields? Next, sunshade net manufacturers will come to a comprehensive summary of the performance of mesh.

Shading net has the function of shading and cooling. The so-called sunshade net, the primary role of nature is to shield the sun, this role is particularly evident in summer. Whether it is used for agricultural planting or summer shading, the net material manufactured by the shade net manufacturers can make the surface temperature drop by 4-6 C, the temperature drop by 1 C at 30 above ground, and the temperature drop by 6-10 C at 5 below ground. In this way, it can improve the temperature of cultivation environment and help crops grow normally in high temperature season.

Contrary to shading and cooling, shading net can also be used to keep warm and reduce water evaporation in the land. Experiments show that the water evaporation of land covered with sunshade net is 1/3-2/3 less than that of open land. Its heat preservation effect is obvious, and the temperature can be increased by 1.0-2.8 degrees Celsius in spring and autumn.

Sunshade net manufacturer's net material also has the function of preventing wind and rain and insects, reducing the land erosion caused by summer rainwater. The wind speed in net material is 65% or more lower than that outside net material. Farmland covered with sunshade net has better pest control effect, which can prevent 88% - 99.9% of pests.

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