Specification Of Vineyard Hail Net
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Specification Of Vineyard Hail Net

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Specification Of Vineyard Hail Net

There are three kinds of primary materials for setting up hail net in vineyard, that is, column, net frame and hail net, and auxiliary data are frame cushion, wire, net pressing wire, etc.

There are two kinds of columns. One is the old garden, which is transformed by binding a wooden pole on the foundation of the old garden column. The wooden pole is made of hardwood and can bear the weight of net frame, hail net and hail. The second is to build a new garden. When making columns of new garden, the length of cement column or stone column is 60 cm longer than that of original grape trellis column to directly form hail net column.

The shelf pad is required to be wear-resistant and aging resistant, and can be made of old tires. The selection of standard 15 cm × 10 cm hail net data requires: 

1) light weight, easy to erect; 

2) economical use; 

3) cheap quotation; 

4) little impact on light. 

After years of selection, nylon mesh was selected because of high quotation; wire mesh was rarely used because of steel price increase compared with that of the year, and the investment cost was large; now the hail prevention net used in production is mainly polyethylene mesh.

The distance between the anti hail net and the grape trellis (trellis) or the top (fence frame) is 50cm. The color of the hail net data should be white. Based on years of application experience, in order to avoid weathering and aging, and extend the service life, the net should be collected in time after the grapes are buried in the soil. The net should be pulled to one end to bind or take down the net for storage.

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