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Selection of Different Safety Nets
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Selection of Different Safety Nets

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Selection of Different Safety Nets

Sometimes when we choose the safety net, our first consideration is our needs, because our needs are different, so our choices are different, let's take a look at the various needs of our choice is what, if we understand the big. Then, when we buy it, we can buy it directly and save a lot of time.

1. Choose the type of building safety net according to the purpose of use. Choose the width of the net according to the height of load. The net can not replace the flat net, but the flat net can replace the net.

2. When the width of the net is 3M, the width of the end is about 2.5m. When the width of the net is 4m, the width of the net is about 3M.

safety fence net

3. The flat mesh should not be too tight when installed. When the load height of the net is less than 5 m, the width of the net is more than 2.5 m, and the width of the net is less than 3 m when it is less than 10 m.

4. When installing near the transmission line, it is necessary to obtain the consent of the relevant departments and take appropriate measures to prevent electric shock, otherwise it can not be installed.

Through the above understanding we know how to better choose the protective net, then I would like to recommend a safety fence net, then is the SNS flexible protective system network, its adaptability is strong: the flexible and flexible layout of the system features, can be very well adapted to a variety of complex landforms, generally without construction excavation, effectively protect The original landscape and vegetation environment are protected. The construction is fast and simple, the construction interference is small, does not need the large-scale excavation, does not need the massive material transshipment, may be far from the building and the crowd construction minimum simultaneously the protection is also quite convenient


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