Selection of Bird Nets For Differentiation
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Selection of Bird Nets For Differentiation

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Selection of Bird Nets For Differentiation

People are pursuing organic and pollution-free vegetables and fruits. Now more and more fruit growers adopt natural breeding methods. Take vineyards for example. Now is the period when grapes begin to grow. It is also a very important period for the quality or quantity of fruits in the later period. The destruction of birds brings fruit growers a very headache. Bird net is very important. Bird prevention in orchards is very important. Choice is also a hot topic for fruit growers.

At present, there are two kinds of materials most commonly used in the bird net market: one is polyethylene and the other is nylon. The following are the first ones used by people. The soft silk of this material can be used for corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance of 0.3 mm. Generally speaking, it can be used for 1-2 years, but it is basically changed every year. Relatively speaking, it is the lowest cost one. About 50% of a kilogram is produced. A square acre of land needs about 14 jin.

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Nylon material is a kind of material that people often use in these two years. Because the frequent installation and netting of large orchards requires a lot of cost. With the introduction of a high-quality anti bird net, a kind of silk with good toughness, good antioxidant ability and stronger pulling force is much higher than polyethylene. It is also a kind of fishing line that people often say. Generally speaking, this kind of material can be used for 4-5 years. Compared with polyethylene material, the cost is higher at the beginning, but if it can be used for 4-5 years for a long time, the cost is much cheaper than polyethylene. About 40 square acres of land are produced in this catty, about 17 catties. This is also a choice according to customers'own needs.

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