Selection Points of Greenhouse Film
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Selection Points of Greenhouse Film

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Selection Points of Greenhouse Film

It is very important to choose high-quality solar greenhouse film. How to choose high-quality greenhouse films for solar greenhouses?

1. Good transparency, high and stable light transmittance. Sunlight greenhouses are mostly produced in the deep winter and early spring. The temperature is low, the light is weak, the light hours are short, and the high and stable light transmittance is essential to ensure the indoor temperature and the maximum photosynthesis of the crops. Generally, the light transmittance of the new film is required to be above 90%, and after five months of use, the light transmittance is above 55%.

2. Good heat preservation performance. It is required that the film thickness is 0.10-0.14 mm, the thermal conductivity is low, and the through-flow heat transfer coefficient is not more than 5.8 kcal/m²·℃·hour.

3. Excellent drip-free performance. Fogging and dripping on the surface of the solar greenhouse will not only greatly reduce the indoor light, but also increase the humidity in the greenhouse, which will induce various diseases. It is generally required that the non-drip performance of the shed film lasts longer than 5 months, there is no obvious dripping phenomenon in the shed, the water droplets on the film surface are small, and the fog in the shed is less.

4. Longevity and weather resistance. In high and low temperature environments, the aging speed is slow, the embrittlement temperature is low, and the service life should generally reach 18 months, and the shortest is 12 months.

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