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Production Process of Shade Net
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Production Process of Shade Net

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Today, I would like to introduce briefly the production process of shade net, hoping to help you.

1. Purchase of raw materials. Raw materials are divided into new materials and renewable materials, new materials, good color, light weight, good feel, long service life, generally more than five years, high cost. Renewable materials, poor gloss, poor texture, short service life generally between 3 months to 1 year, low cost.

2. Wire drawing production. Drawing is divided into round and flat wires. The production process is as follows: mixing ingredients, drying, melting, extrusion, cooling, segmentation, stretching, setting.

3. Weaving webs. According to the sample selection process and threading method, the weight of the sample is adjusted in real time according to the weight of the sample until it is consistent with the sample. Mass production.

4. Qualified test. The staff of the workshop inspection department is responsible for checking whether the net cloth is qualified.

5. Packaging finished products. Packing and labeling according to customer's requirements. Customers should not exceed 50 meters per volume without request.

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